Our Philosophy


In recent times, Urban India has been through some real significant changes in terms of standard of living. There is a rapid increase for a high-end lifestyle.

This need begins with a well-designed, luxurious yet comfortable home. Many Indians, especially the youth, spend efforts on designing their homes to make it unique and sophisticated. They have multiple ideas but find it difficult to collate.

We travel to different countries, adapt to diverse cultures and we wish to adapt this uniqueness and diversity in our homes too. So, the trend of customizing everything in design, décor and furniture, is on the rise. The use of standard materials, products and furniture is now on a decline.

However, with the rapid increase in real estate prices that are already burning a hole in the pocket, this dream home has little scope to flourish with the limited budget.

We, at Solids and Voids, help you resolve these conflicts of lifestyle and budget!

We do not sell or make what we like, we give you what you most desire for a beautiful home! So very aptly, we follow ‘the choice is yours’ policy.

We design homes based on your liking/lifestyle/personality traits and not products that can fit into any random space. We fulfill these needs to the finest detail possible. Hence, most of our designs are custom-made. We have a team of dedicated craftsmen that take pride in working with their hands!

Solids and Voids is your one stop solution for fine styling, exclusive detailing and optimum space utilization of residential spaces.

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